Call: Protect life! Legalize abortion! – For a feminist practice!

Every year, opponents of abortion and euthanasia gather. Since 2010, these opponents have mobilized in Annaberg-Buchholz for so-called “Silent Marches for Life.” These “marches” are directed against the right of self-determination of all people – especially those who can become pregnant. The event is currently organized by the association “Lebensrecht Sachsen” and is a gathering place for people and organizations that propagate nationalism, sexism and hostile attitudes towards homosexuals as well as trans, inter* and not binary people. One of its main objectives is the prohibition of abortion, without the possibility of exceptions.

Due to restrictive laws, every year about 22 million unwanted pregnant people worldwide have no access to a safe, legal abortion. In Germany, abortion is regulated by criminal law and only non-punishable under strict conditions. Every year, approximately 47,000 pregnant people die as a result of unsafe abortions. Innumerable others suffer from health consequences or legal persecution.

Therefore anti-abortionist opponents are not for life. Anyone who wants to protect the life of a person carrying a unwanted pregnancy must legalize abortions! This legalization is not achieved in Germany. On the contrary – the §218 StGB still generally punishes abortions.

We fight for a self-determined life and therefore we demand:

  • The abolition of §218 StGB! Abortions must be legal, free and safe!
  • Implement freedom of information! It must be possible to publicize about abortion opportunities! Abolish §219a StGB!
  • Live inclusion! For a society in which it does not matter if a child is born with our without disabilities!
  • Equal rights for all sexual lifestyles and gender identities!
  • Worldwide free access to education about the human body and sexuality, as well as contraceptives!

Come with us on June 16th, 2018 to Annaberg-Buchholz! Ruin the Christian fundamentalists and right-wingers day!

Please write us an email for further information: pro-choice[at]