Information on Annaberg-Buchholz

Please see call for our demonstration on 16th of June 2018


10:30 am – 7pm: Feminist street party with info booth and live acts (further information see @ Fleischerplatz
10.30 am: Brunch
11.30 am: Liveact Ella Schwarz Project & Singing for the Soul
12.30 pm: Panel “Reproductive rights and feminist utopia”
1.30 pm: Liveact: Jennifer Gegenläufer
2 – 5 pm: music and content out of the box
resp. 2 – 5pm: Demonstration Pro Choice Saxony “Protect life! Legalize abortion! – For a feminist practice!”
5 – 7 pm: KüFa (street kitchen) and liveacts: Carmel Zoum & München Konflikt


The city of Annaberg-Buchholz decided to give the whole market square (Marktplatz) to the christian fundamentalists. We will be on the so called butcher’s square (Fleischerplatz), next to the market place. This square will be too small for us all. But we will continue with our plan and will mount an feminist street party there ;)


There are the common restrictions as e.g. no alcohol, no glass bottles, flagpole no longer than 1,5m. We are happy about creative banner and signs, but please without advertisement for other purposes. Please note, that in the first rows there will be WLTIQ*. You find the demoroute on Aktionskarte #ab1606 (just provided in german).

Christian fundamentalists

The silent march from the assosciation “Lebensrecht Sachsen” (Right to life Saxony) starts at 2:30pm at Erzgebirgsklinikum (hospital). They will walk to market square (Marktplatz), where they announced to present 400 buggies and wheelchairs for their anti choice propaganda. We want to disturb them: We will shout, we will dance, we will be annoying so that their silent march becomes a desaster.


You will get the latest information during the demonstration and also before from the Lauti (truck) or on Twitter (@ProChoice_SN // #AB1606). You will get the Aktionskarte #ab1606 from us in Annaberg-Buchholz. If you can’t wait, just print it out.


Currently it looks like good weather for demonstration. But please check before. And just in case, take some rain gear with you.


Please take beverage and food with you. We will care for water and there will be a street kitchen (Küfa) at Fleischerplatz, but we can’t plan for how many people it will suffice. There are some bakeries in city centre. Please note, that police will not let you that easy to every bakery. Next supermarket is a 15 minute walk away (see Aktionskarte #ab1606).

Kids space

We will have a Kids space @Fleischerplatz. Please watch out for.


We will have a barrier-free Dixie (portable toilet) @Fleischerplatz and partly a translation into sign language.


If you travel by public bus or car: Please be on time. From train station it is approximately a 10-minute-walk to Fleischerplatz. There are some parking lots for people coming with car (Parkhaus Gehrisch-Ruh (5min), Parkplatz Untere Schmiedegasse (5min) or Geyersdorfer Straße (10min)). Car controls are not common, but should be kept in mind. We know from the last years, that police is sometimes unlawfully controlling people on the street.


Our busses will leave approximately at 7pm. Please note down the individual departure time and place and contact number of your bus you travelled to Annaberg-Buchholz. Please note announcements on our feminist street party. If you stay in Annaberg-Buchholz or you travel by your own, please tell the contact number of your bus.
At 7.57pm a train to Chemnitz will leave from train station “Annaberg unterer Bhf.” with further connections to Leipzig and Dresden.


We will be supported from street medics. Furthermore we will get support from Demobeobachtungsgruppe Leipzig (demo observation), who will document the procedures of the authorities. A demo photographer will be there too – so you can leave your cameras at home. If you take pictures by accident, ask people beforehand and please pixelize them!

In case of police custody or any stress with cops, dont’ tell them anything other than your name, date and place of birth, your address and nationality. Ask for a lawyer. Object to drug tests, dna sampling and other procedures. Don’t sign anything. Please prepare memory minutes from the police control afterwards.
If you receive days or weeks after mail from Cops: Please write us at[ät] or contact your local Rote Hilfe (Red Aid).


There will be different opportunities to travel together to Annaberg-Buchholz just like every year. Gradually you will find information for your town on this website. It would be great if you would buy tickets early, so hat the planning gets easier.


There will be a bus from What the Fuck


Sold out. Please write to fem.critics[@] /


You can buy tickets at the bookstore König Kurt (Rudolf-Leonhard-Str. 39), at Malobeo (Kamenzer Str. 38) and at every event.
Donation recommendation 10-15 €, free donation for people with low/no income.

Leipzig / Halle

Sold out. Please write to pro-choice-leipzig[ät]

Jena / Erfurt

Tickets for the bus from Jena are available at every event in Jena. People from Erfurt can drive with the Leipzig bus.

The busses get partly financially supported by the party Die Linke (Saxony), the students council of the department philosophy and sociology of University of Leipzig and students council of TU Chemnitz University.